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The Handmade Chef Meal Prep Co

Roasted Artichokes


Meet the Founders

Lesa and Violette, both San Diego natives, share a deep passion for food and an equally profound love for one another. 

Lesa has 17 years if experience under her belt.  She embarked on her culinary journey after graduating from SDCI. Her career has taken her to establishments in San Diego, including Mister A's, The Wild Thyme Co, Compass Group and FOX Restaurant Group.

Violette has dedicated an impressive 21 years to the industry. She graduated from the Art Institute of California and has worked all over San Diego, including the Cohn Restaurant Group, Marriot Hotels, Festivities Catering, Compass Group, and The Wild Thyme Company.

In 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, they seized the opportunity to start their own private chef business. With a large demand for private dining, events and meal prep, their venture quickly flourished. 

With an influx of clients seeking assistance with gut health, inflammation, dietary restrictions, and just wanting to eat clean and healthy, they found themselves unable to cater to the growing demand on their own. They made a decision to establish a custom meal prep business, allowing them to reach a broader audience to help the many more that need it. 

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