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The Handmade Chef Meal Prep Co

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Welcome to our FAQs page! We have created this section to address the frequently asked questions that we receive. 

1. What is Meal Prep?
Meal prep is a fully prepared, single serving meal, ready for you to re-heat and eat.


2. What is customized meal prep?
Customized means you get to pick what goes in your meal. Pick a protein, carb, veggie,
and sauce. You can add on additional protein, carbs, veggies and sauces or order from
our a la carte menu.


3. What is a storefront meal prep restaurant?
You can walk into our store (Monday-Friday 10am-3pm) and have your meals built to
order from our cold line. We also offer smoothies, cold pressed juices, snacks and a
made to order lunch menu. You can dine inside our restaurant or on our patio.


4. How much does a meal cost?
Meals are priced by the protein that you choose. All meals start with 4oz of protein, ½
cup carbs, ½ cup of veggies and 2oz sauce.


5. Is there a subscription?
No, we want you to order what you want and when you want it. You can set up orders
up to 30days in advance for pick-up and delivery.


6. When can I order?
You can order online anytime for pick-up Monday-Friday 10am-3pm


7. If I order in bulk is there a discount?
We have a great loyalty program that is free to sign-up for. You will earn 25 points for
signing up. $1 equals a point. Every 100 points will get you $5 off. You will earn double
points when ordering online. We do offer discount codes to our loyalty members
throughout the year. Please feel free to use code CLUB555 for 20% off your first order.


8. Do you have Vegan Options?
We make 3 vegan patties in house. All our carbs and veggies are vegan. All the sauces
are vegan except for our cucumber tzatziki and honey bbq. We can swap out any
proteins for vegan patties on our lunch menu as well.


9. What items are gluten free?
Everything. Our menu is fully gluten free.


10. What does clean food mean?
Clean food for us means it’s free from gluten, seed oils, and refined sugars. We are
sourcing organic and local produce. Wild caught and sustainable seafood. Non – GMO
Poultry and Grass-fed Beef.


11. How long do your meals last?
3-5 days depending on the protein you choose. We cook food fresh daily, so you have
the ability to order fresh daily if you’d like.


12. What type of packaging do you use?
We use fully compostable plant-based materials. The base of our containers is oven
safe, but the lid and sauce container will melt with heat.


13. How do I reheat my meals?
Remove lid and sauce.
Stove- stir fry over medium heat until heated through.
Oven – 350F for 10-15minutes
Microwave – 2minutes (not our favorite way, but we know you might be busy.)


14. Do you offer Macro information?
Scan the QR code on your meal and it will take you to our nutritional information page
on our website.


15. Do you offer catering?
Yes, we have catering options available for your office caterings or social gatherings.
Please visit our ordering page under catering and team meetings or send us an email.

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